The Grade 1 Replica Watch

The grade 1 replica watch includes grade Grade A+++ and grade A.

The grade A+++ replica watch aims to the customers who can afford to high-end replica watch. The price of these watches is almost the same with the original watches. The real sense is not imitation, but to make a duplicate model of the original one. These watches can be tested by watch appraiser. Some parts even all of the parts in the watch and watch case are definitely real. The manufacturers producing this kind of replica watch are often Swiss independent watchmakers. They will sell these watches as real ones, so the quality is especially high-end. Therefore, many Swiss watch brands pay more attention to dealing with these replica watches every year.


Strictly speaking, the grade A imitation of watch is not real replica watch. But they have subtle differences contrasting with the real watches. So they also belong to replica watches. They are special models or limited models improved by real ordinary watches.


Generally speaking, the grade 1 replica watches are best and most expensive replicas on the market. Their costs are up to 60% -70% even higher than real watches'. You can not buy these watches even though you have money. To collect these watches, some world-class watch collectors specially customize these watches to private watchmaking masters. Of course, the price is very high. And most of people can not afford to them.


The Grade 2 Replica Watch

Grade 2A: We call this kind replica watch very fine imitation. Its customers are those who master a little watch knowledge and really like watches. Grade 2A replica watches feature first-rate case. Another important character is movement. Its functions are almost the same with the original movement. Considering the cost, watchmakers may use the not polished version of the same movement, or low-grade one with the same functions. Even though, this kind of replica watches also be sold in very high price. For example, the cheapest multi-function mechanical movement with 6 hands in watch markets is sold nearly 2,000 yuan. Although the grade 2A replica watches are cheaper than grade 1 replica watches, there are few people can afford to.


Grade 2B: This is what we usually call fine imitation. These replica watches need strict requirement for case. It is 1:1 computer laser imitation of the real case. Generally speaking, the abrasive tool to make this replica watch is the best one. It may cost at least 100 million to create this case. And the ordinary small plants can not make this high quality case. But the variety of this kind of replica watch is especially few, because each case model must be in high costs. So watch factory will not develop new watch model. They usually produce the best-sell watch models. Customers can not choose the watch what they like, but the quality of watch is guaranteed. As for the movement of grade 2B replica watch, watchmakers will use multi-function quartz movement to replace multi-function mechanical movement. Because ordinary mechanical movement can not provide such complex functions. In other words, if you see a sporty watch in the market with chronograph function is sold in few hundred yuan, it may be a quartz watch. The grade 2B quartz movement has the same functions with Swatch. The quality is relatively good. Contrasted to multi-function movement, the ordinary movement with three hands has more choices, including automatic mechanical movement, manual winding movement and high quality quartz movement.


As for quartz movement, there is a problem we should pay attention to. As Swiss watch is always famous for its high quality, people will think inertially that the Swiss quartz movement is the best one. Swiss indeed has famous quartz movement, such as ETA quartz movement, it doesn't mean Swiss quartz movement is the best one in different grades. In contrast, the quartz movement below 1,000 yuan, Japan is the largest manufacturing country. These quartz movements are excellent in output and quality. And some China-made quartz movement is also fine. It can be said, the over 1,000 yuan high quality quartz movement indeed belongs to Swiss. But Japan and China manufacture better quartz movement below 1,000 yuan.


Grade 2C: This grade replica watches share most of the replica watch markets. And they are massively sold on eBay. These watches feature wide range of products and brands. There are high-end watch brands, such as Patek Philippe, and even some brands we ever heard of. These watches are manufactured by small factory. The case precision has a large difference with the real watch. And many are plated case. The appearance of this kind of watch is very attractive. It is not always like this. There is another phenomenon of such watches, watch sellers the same watch with different brands. Sometimes the watch models even non-existent will be sold on grade 2B replica watch markets. So before you buy a replica watch, go and check with the original watch model.


Grade 2 replica watch is our main purchasing target. Customers can reasonably choose your watch according to your demand.


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As for the grade 3 replica watch, they are the "toy watch".

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